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What are Dental Implants?

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Dental Implants are root formed titanium screws that are inserted into healthy bone and act as artificial anchors for crowns, bridges and dentures.

This allows the restoration of gaps without the destruction of adjacent teeth.

Implants heal for 6 weeks to 3 months before crown, bridgework or denture work can be fitted. In some cases, immediate crowns and denture work may be constructed and fitted.

Implant surgery requires adequate volume of bone. If this is not present, an augmentation procedure may be carried out in our practice or in a hospital based environment, allowing implant placement at a later date.

Advantages of Dental Implants

  • Aesthetic - Dental implants integrate with the bone and are covered by the gum. A natural appearance is attained once the crown/bridgework or denture is fitted - they look like real teeth.
  • Functionally - Dental implants feel and act like real teeth.
  • Bone preserving - Dental implants can help maintain your bone structure and support the facial tissues. They can reduce or eliminate bone atrophy, which causes "shrinkage" or facial cosmetic changes.
  • Reliable - Once placed the success rate of dental implants can be 98% making this the treatment of choice.
  • Tooth saving - Dental Implants allow the restoration of gaps without the need for destruction of adjacent teeth.
  • Confidence - Dental implants allow you to smile, speak and eat in total confidence. Foods that were forbidden are now back in the diet.
  • Implants can actually improve the taste of food. With less plastic covering the roof of your mouth, you can enjoy natural flavors and sensations again.
  • Eat whatever you like! - Implants improve your health with the ability to chew a wider variety of foods.
  • Implants eliminate the need for distasteful adhesives. There is no longer a need to use "glue".

Prior to the placement of the dental implants, a detailed examination is carried out. The patient's oral and general health is assessed, along with the quality and quantity of the bone. This stage is crucial and represents the best guide with which to assess the likely success of treatment.

Once the evaluation has been completed, a full written treatment plan is given.


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